Understanding how Jim Crow exists in society today

This photo shows the U.S. Capital as thousands of President Trump supporters, rioters, and insurrectionists gather to protest Biden’s election. At this point in the protest, they have breached the barriers, and are climbing over the steps. Some have made their way into the building, via breaking down doors and windows.

“Nigger if you can read, you’d better run. If you can’t read, you’d better run anyway.”

In 1920, forty-six-year-old Arkansas sharecropper Henry Lowry was involved in a nasty dispute with his landowner over a sum of money. The argument resulted in Lowry shooting a man in self-defense.

This is the story of a woman. She was literate, witty, outspoken— and perhaps too brazen for her peers. Despite questionable morals, she knew her mind and stood by her words. …

Jonathan Mchugh

It started with earnest labor unions but quickly evolved into a manipulative, power-hungry machine.

The rise of populism in western politics has played a profound role in U.S. democracy. In the 19th century, the lower class rose up against the elites of society by selecting their own candidates who represented the needs of the silent majority. However, with privilege comes power, and populism has…

What was cut, what was kept, and why

Painting by Jean Leon Gerome Ferris

On the evening of July 4, 1776, the final draft of the Declaration of Independence was signed by the members of the Continental Congress in Philadelphia. The famed introduction stated,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator…

Finding self-compassion in the fog of self-doubt.

“This essay is terrible. The other applicants have more experience. My skills aren’t unique. Why would anyone consider me for their program?”

I am a fraud.

The Disease of Doubt

Imposter syndrome is a disease. It spends most of its life in a dormancy phase, but periods of change in our lives can trigger…

Fighting and dying in choking prisons of green mist

Flanders front. Gas attack, September 1917.

Redefining the Rules of Engagement

On April 22, 1915, at 5:30 am, Germany launched 5,000 chlorine-filled canisters onto the Allied forces in Ypres, Belgium. While British and French forces fought with determination, their efforts failed against the toxic effects of poison gas. The battle was a massacre for the British, with the death toll exceeding…

Five women officers of the Women’s League in Newport, Rhode Island, c. 1899

Winning the Female Vote — Why it Matters Today.

“Do we settle for the world as it is, or do we work for the world as it should be?” — Barack Obama

Today, I opened up Twitter…and immediately shut it again. I was not emotionally prepared to take on another day of the news.

So I thought I’d do…

How Puritan Gender Roles Influenced the Salem Witch Trials

Trial of Giles Corey’s wife for witchcraft, 1692. Hand-colored woodcut. (North Wind Picture Archives)

“I am no Witch. I have no familiarity with the Devil. I am innocent.” These are the words of Bridget Bishop, the first person to be executed during the Salem Witch Trials. …

Marketing products around America’s history.

Coco-Cola Bottling Company in Columbus

American products are littered with phrases like, “America’s oldest….” or perhaps, “Made in America since…” Marketing strategists have one common goal in mind, which is to remind you of your childhood, heritage, and even patriotism. Many companies in America have deep histories that go back hundreds of years. …

As a result — His trade war will fail.

Societies have been recording history since the dawn of man. From Neolithic cave paintings to complex stories told through Egyptian hieroglyphs. The human race is programmed to pass down history to the next generation — so that they may glean some knowledge from past mistakes.

However, the tedious record-keeping of…

Lauren Harlow

Historian • Writer • Passion for telling contested histories • she/her • lauren.harlow10@gmail.com

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